Diaper Bags - Best Cute Baby Diaper Bag

Buying a diaper bag is one of the most important purchasing decisions you can make if you care for a child, regardless of whether you are a young or old parent, grandparent, or other caregiver. The reason is pretty simple: If you care for a child, you will rely on a diaper bag for the next few years almost more than anything else you carry with you.


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Big or Small?

If you need to buy a diaper bag, the most obvious choice is the size of the bag itself. Do you need a large bag, or a small one? Ultimately, you really need to consider what the bag is going to be used for. If it is simply to carry diapers, ointment, and a change of clothes, a smaller bag with a single compartment may do. But if you envision the need to hold other items – toys, bottles and formula, a plastic container of baby wipes, a changing pad – then you may want to opt for a bigger bag. And of course, young parents today may need more space for their own gear, like cell phones, cameras, tablet computers, or snacks of their own.




Features to Look For

Each diaper bag and manufacturer include common features in their products designed to make your life and purchasing decision a little easier, but here are some to especially look for:

• Quality construction. Go for a bag that is sturdy, with well stitched seams, a padded shoulder strap or handles.
• Multiple and multiple sized compartments. If you want quick access to a fresh diaper and wipes, the last thing you need is reaching into a diaper bag with one compartment and rifling around amongst toys and clothes before grabbing what you really wanted in the first place. So go for a bag with multiple compartments, including at least one externally accessible pouch, to keep items organized and within quick reach.
• Two way zippers.
• A sturdy base, so the bag is less prone to tipping over depending on how it has been filled.
• Interior compartments that are lined with plastic or other waterproof material/
• Snap hooks so you can attach a baby’s favorite toy to the bag.
• A bag made of easy to clean material, inside and out. If a spill or stain requires more than a baby wipe to return the bag to like-new condition, then you have bought the wrong bag.
• Something stylish or classic. In a few years, your baby will no longer be in diapers, but a diaper bag can still come in handy – if you are not embarrassed to use it.

Some of the best diaper bags and baby bags aren't just unique and cute but actually fairly affordable if not downright cheap.  Obviously, you'll want to sort through reviews of affordable bags for 2011 and 2012, as the fashion changes. You can usually find even classy organic, eco friendly bags at discount or clearance prices or even at wholesale prices, particularly if you shop online.  These use a particular type of fabric, usually cotton and aren't just some of the cutest bags but are awesome for the environment!

Over the years, diaper bags have become an indispensable accessory for parents, grandparents, and caregivers of all ages around the world. When buying one, keep in mind the key feature is functionality. A “diaper bag” can be as simple as a small athletic tote you used to carry to the gym, or the latest fashion statement that will guarantee value at re-sale shops for years to come.